Virtual Think Tank

That’s what I’m calling it. I’ve been sketching/drawing up some images for our next releases, thrownin around some ideas, when it occurred to me that I had never put a Panda into the shop! I’m sorry, but could Panda’s be any cuter? Seriously, go google yourself some Panda pics, baby pandas if you dare… I’ll wait…..



Did you see what I mean? From all the fuzziness to their rolly-polly looks, Pandas have the cute factor DOWN! So I started sketching. They’re tough to keep them looking adorable with round tummies. These are the two that I came up with (up there). I know, I’m not the first one to do a Panda but I still want to take advantage of the savvy and smart peeps that frequent here and get your thoughts.

Virtual think tank. Yay or Nay on Panda?

Btw, Panda with a Pinwheel in real life would be too much cute for any one person to handle. Its a good thing we are only looking at it in line art form. No eyes bleeding glitter and rainbows today!


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