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Coon Stitched Up

My Racoon πŸ™‚
I think he’s terribly cute! This is one of the things I made for my new Design site. He’s in that style I find cute even if he took a full day to make! And I don’t mean a couple hours, I mean a couple hours the first night then most of the next day. I wanted him to look cute and fuzzy and instead of just doing an outline I filled him in with small stitches to make him look furry .

I dare say it worked but since finishing him up on Sunday I’ve not been dying to embroider lol! I DID want to work on a couple sewing projects but on Sunday, when I was being super tidy, I slid the pedal for my sewing machine to the side to sweep and a box of boxes got pushed up against the foot… can you see where this is going? Well I forgot about moving the pedal so that evening I went to sew something up, turned the machine on and BLAMO! Machine takes off full pace and the needle plows thru the plastic foot snapping it and shooting the piece across the room. 
I have to wait until Wednesday to get a new foot but we’re suppose to get 15 inches of snow so it might wait longer boo. I am impressed with the power of my sewing machine though lol! I think maybe its karma’s way of telling me to work on something else for a bit. 
On another biz front, I’m super geeked about the new team at SOG. I’ve “known” some of the girls for a bit now and at least one I had crafty crush on. I can admit it! Wearing the big girl pants today! So when they applied I was all *gigglegiggleteehee* good thing I was home alone! I’m not going to name names so you’ll have to guess lullz. But you can read all about them on the SOG Blog today πŸ™‚
If you’re already up to your ass in snow be careful and keep warm! I am going to continue to be part time hermit until at least Spring. πŸ™‚


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