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My little friend

At night I’ve been trying to do something to keep my mind creative but not on work. I have a tendancy to ramble on and on in my own brain about this and that so to distract myself I took back up embroidery. No pressure, just a do while winding down sorta thing.

I may have to start doing ones that are a little more complex as this one only took me 2 nights of Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. His big pieces are felt and the rest is embroidered on by hand.

I’m not sure where the idea came from but there’s something fun about a monster with a heart balloon and buck teeth πŸ™‚ I did all the little stitches to try and give him some lumpy texture. Not sure if he’s furry or just kinda bumpy though. He’s now up on the wall with the other hoops in my studio/office.

If I keep this up I’m either going to have to pick up a new at night hobby or start selling them off as it could quickly become out of hand. I’ve already got a bird started too lol. What do you do to unwind and take your mind off of things? I might need another suggestion or two πŸ™‚


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