Tent time!

Who shared a room with a sibling growing up?

Who had bunk beds?

Who got stuck with the not so cool bottom bunk?

That’s my kiddos. They LOVE being in the same room but poor dude got the bottom bc he is too small for us to trust him going up and down steps at night. Steps? you say. Yup the idea of bunks was NOT going to happen without there being steps instead of a ladder! MOM WINS! Not to mention each step is a storage drawer so win-win for mom! *fist pump!*

ANYWAYS, enough of my rambling!

Poor dude got stuck with the bottom bunk but now he’s got something that makes his bottom bunk cool enough where top dawg sister wants in but he can tell HER no!

A TENT! or if you want to make it sound less cool and commando, curtains.

I ordered this awesome dino fabric from Etsy, my seemingly one stop shop for all things crafty, and hemmed all the way around then used velcro so the panels can be taken down easily (and my kids won’t swing on them like crazed monkeys).

The soft part of the velcro is on the inside of the bunk frame so when its down its not scratchy. The velcro was sticky backed but I sewed it onto the TENT (curtain) and also staple gunned the soft portion on so its not going anywhere. 
Dude is in love and Esme in jealous 🙂 Score one for Dude!
I need to wash the panels to get the wrinkle/folds out but he doesn’t care and I wanted to get them done and up while he was at his Dr appointment so he had a surprise to come home to.
  • Diana Fisher says:

    That is so cool!! Now I wish Nate had a brother so I have an excuse to buy bunk beds JUST to make tent curtains. 🙂

  • Claudia says:

    Oh yes, i have two of them. It cool

  • cardmaking bird says:

    Oh man, as a Mummy, you rock!!!!!!!!!!! Marie xx

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