Divide and Conquer

I’m sure everyone has tons of goals and resolutions for the year and my biggest one was managing things better. Hence the word “manage” for my word of 2011. Anyways, managing my time is something I struggle with, I’m sure I’m not the only one, and now that I’m home I have more time but I felt like I wasn’t ahead still. All the time in the day and still not feeling like I get everything done… changes need to be made people! 
Well I’ve also been watching a TON of Super Nanny, and something she does at the beginning of all of the shows is to give the family a routine. Last night I was watching one while sewing and this family was as close to mine as all get out! A sassy daughter (a couple months older than mine), a young dude, dad works outside the home, mom was a stay at home mom but I kind do that and my work, so very close. It kinda made it click in my head “WE need a family schedule!” so this morning the Dude and I made one 🙂 I’ve gotta go over it with the hubs once he gets home (like how I schedule our lives on my own? lol!!!) but the bones feel like they are there. I’m geeked! Now if we can make the other changes to make this schedule work, like buying more groceries than we need for one day so I can get dinner started before DH gets home rather than waiting for him to bring it all home, then I think I’m gonna be a happy camper! 
Being a work at home mom, sometimes it can feel like there is way more on my plate during the day. I want to be a great mom and play with my kids and work with Monkey on her homework and her heart words and help Dude learn all the things he needs to know to be able to go to school in the fall but I also need to get the house clean, laundry done, dinner made, toys away and all my actual work done. All the work done while keeping Dude happy and involved. Its tough when its just he and I and all these things need to be done. 
I need it, we need it. I hope it will go well!  
  • mforquer says:

    Wow – I can so relate! I have a seven year old and a nine month old – I work 6hrs out of the home and hubs and I split schedules to keep both out of daycare…but talk about splitting myself a million different ways! I think working at home would be delicious – but I get it – how the heck can you concentrate with everything else that needs to be done and two sweeties tugging at your knees!!! Balance and a good schedule – good luck and keep us posted!

  • bosenberries says:

    not a bad idea! six…. that's an early start.. yikes!!

  • Natacha says:

    This is exactly what i need!! I'm so bad about time management. I will have to try this for sure… thanks

  • Roxy says:

    I can so relate to this, only I've been off for almost a year without working at home! I honestly don't know how anyone can do it, so kudos to you, you're already doing a fantastic job with DD and SOG!!! One thing we do that really helps is getting all the groceries for the week in one shot. Takes practice, and we still have to run out for milk and bread most weeks, but saves a lot of time. Good luck!

  • DonnaMundinger says:

    Sounds like a plan, Kristy! Best of luck! Don't know how you do it! xxD

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