What have I been workin on today?

You are seriously gonna laugh at me *looks about sheepishly* I did a little cleaning and reorganizing of my crafty/office space.



I’m not addicted to it and no, I’m not in denial. I am “practical” (maybe???) and am parring down a lil bit. Not to mention I wanted to be able to use my full sized sewing machine and had LITERALLY no where to set the dang thing up. I am going to take that lil Singer Pixie my DH got me (I love you dear and its truly the thought that counts!!!) and smash it to bits in the yard like that toaster last month. You really should try that if you’ve never done it… SO worth the mess! Not to mention in the snow no one will find the pieces until spring! 😀

Anyways, what started out as moving one thing to a new spot to make a spot for said sewing machine turned into like 3 other moves and stuff… yeah…ummmmmm… yeah. Its clean now though! DH has to hang a couple shelves but then it will seriously be done! For at least a lil while shhhhhh! I want to replace the fabric on the front of the scrapoire. Purty much loathing it right now.

I finished up after dark so I’ll have to take a lil snap shot after the shelves are hung but then I might even wait as we are talking about repainting the living room. Puttying in all the hold shelf holes and a fresh coat of paint, maybe next week as DH has about 4 days off 🙂 Maybe I’ll have him hold off on shelf hanging until then, might be smart lol.

Join me here tomorrow for a project with an image from our January 3rd release! HUGS!

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