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    Sketch: Pouting Princess

    Howdy folks! I’ve been in a crafty slump if you haven’t noticed but my drawing mojo hasn’t been dampened any weird they’re normally so very co-dependent that I think they should get a room So until I can recover my mojo and I’m really trying! you’ll have a lot more sketches and stuff out of me. I hope you don’t mind!   this sketch is of my daughter, though right now I’m imaging its my crafty mojo.    btw! You have thru tomorrow to enter Odd Idol! The prize is amazing and passed the $600 mark so go see it!!!  

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    Sketches: Week of 4-12

    1. Marceline fan art   2. drawing challenge day 3 a cute animal3. drawing challenge day 4 fav outfit    4. Flame Princess fan art I’m finally on the mend of my bronchitis. Still some cough and congestion but its not so exhausting and making me sound like a dude. Last night I could finally see all the meds I’ve been on taking effect. YAY! I have some videos to make today for Monday’s Spring Sneak Event at Some Odd Girl so I hope I’ll see you there! What have you guys been up to this week?

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    Art Trade on IG

    If you’re not into zombies look away now 🙂    I’ve started a 30 Day Drawing Challenge on Instagram (I’m on all of day 4 lol) and this was from day 2. I kind of double dipped and combined the challenge for the day of “draw someone you like” with an art trade with @cavemankidd to zombify each other.  I like zombies! It seemed perfect 🙂 I started off by a doing a quick sketch in Grey Copic Multiliner of @cavemankidd then adding in the zombie details. Then as a lark I gave it some shading with greys and red.  It was a fun trade! Its an interesting list of…

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    Sketch: Mae Girl

    Today I have a quicky sketch to share with you.  I’ve been working on some sketches but lately with winter being so blah, I swear it never gets fully daylight around, I’ve been uninspired. Do artists admit that normally?  What about you? Do you get the mid winter blues? What would inspire you?  

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    Sketch: See the Stars

    I have a little sketch to share today!  Not sure where the inspiration on this originated, but its was really fun and zen to work out all the hair loopys. I’m going to ink this and the color it with the stars illuminated, not sure beyond that. What are you going to be working on this weekend? Anything crafty?  

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    Sketch: A Girl and her Kitty

    A drawing I worked on last week. For some reason the hair on this on just DIDN”T want to go on her noggin. Not sure what my issue was, it took longer than the rest of the image to get it so I was happy.  Its weird how things work out. This week there’s a few things going on… I’ll give you a hint… **coughdtcallcough** **coughreleasepeekscough** phew. I hope I’m not getting sick  XD What’s going on in your neck of the woods this week?    

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    Sketch: A New Mermaid

    a new sketch!  Last week I worked a LOT of things that weren’t remotely art related (SEO, ALT tags and Meta Data anyone?) but this one came bustin thru and HAD to be drawn. It was kinda funny in its own way. Like you know when you crave something and its the only thing you can think about until you have it? Then once you do you can go back, if you can remember what it was, to what you were doing prior totally satisfied… THAT. Apply that here. I still have more non-art related stuff on the agenda this week but I’ve got blocked in some time too so…

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    Sketch: Curtsy

    Kind of a quicky for today. This is a sketch I was working on, going for a princess curtsy kind of thing.  I’m trying my damndest to get ahead ahead on digis and stamp designs so I have time to do all the other things too without any of it being rushed. What a freakin task I’ve set myself! But if its not tough, its not worth doing well!  Remind me of that in about a month lol.  

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    Sketchin sketchin sketchin!  I have some scheduled draw time during the week and I like to take some pics as I go, usually on my instagram and these were 4 I did last week. I’m mildly obsessed with sitting poses right now… not very sure why. :3 So you’ll be seeing quite a few during upcoming releases.  Now I like to think of myself as a pretty organized person but when it came to inspiration or things that I would see and go “OOO this would make a great image idea!” be it an outfit, article of clothing, pose, or whatever I often would forget, unless I sat down and…