Sketch: A New Mermaid


a new sketch! 

Last week I worked a LOT of things that weren’t remotely art related (SEO, ALT tags and Meta Data anyone?) but this one came bustin thru and HAD to be drawn. It was kinda funny in its own way. Like you know when you crave something and its the only thing you can think about until you have it? Then once you do you can go back, if you can remember what it was, to what you were doing prior totally satisfied… THAT.

Apply that here.

I still have more non-art related stuff on the agenda this week but I’ve got blocked in some time too so yay!

What’s on your agenda this week?



  • Mary J says:

    She’s so beautiful, Kristy! Now I NEED to colour her in!!

    I’m avoiding slipping over on my way to work in the snow and ice in the UK! And definitely some crafting!

  • The Crafty Den says:

    I’m with Mary, I’m trying to get to work and back in one piece. Snow is so pretty but the ice it leaves behind is deadly. Day one is a check so all is good. Beautiful sketch by the way 🙂

  • Richelle says:

    I love your sketch!!! I struggle so much with drawing people. But a horse I can do. I have been Busy! Planning & designing baby shower stuff for my sissy-roo. Designing wedding & bridal shower invites for a friend. Plus I took on a project horse that is in much need of some TLC. Busy Spring coming up for me.

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