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Its my turn for the Creative Blog Hop, I was invited to participate by amazing Suzanne Bier. I got to know Suzanne when she joined my design team at Some Odd Girl and met her in person at CHA 2014. She’s a girl after my own heart with her sense of humor and unabashed creativity. I hadn’t heard of the hop before but have had fun going back link by link seeing what has come before in this every Monday hop. The idea behind the Creative Blog Hop is to learn a bit more about other bloggers by answering four questions, so let’s get started!

What am I working on now?

Besides staying awake on a Monday? The current biggest project for me is prepping every bit of everything for the upcoming CHA show in January. I really love the show but the prep… not so much lol. Below is a pic of our booth this year. 


We have 10 extra feet and no sidewalls in January so this set up is pretty out the window. I’ll admit, I’m a bit stumped and need to spend some time on Pinterest looking for ideas. See? Pinterest can be work lol.

Besides CHA I am getting started on my next paper release. I just put out my first 6×6 paper pad earlier this month, Sunshine Sorbet, and like being ahead and not rushed so that’s on my plate too.



How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I’ve done different kinds of art since I was tiny so for me I feel I’m different bc the art comes first. My crafting style can fluctuate from very CAS to busier and messy. Since I draw/design the stamps I work with on my cards that can either be a boon or a burden. Sometimes I fall in love with an image in line art form and that makes it hard to make into a card, sometimes the complete opposite is true as well. Here’s an example of the swing my cards can take…

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Why do I create what I do?

I started scrapbooking (I still do but not as often) in 2001, abouts, when DH and I got engaged. I then met my bestie who introduced me to cardmaking and was the mastermind behind Some Odd Girl. Since starting my own stamp line I feel like the art part and crafting part of me can come together on these 4.25 x 5.5 inch pieces. I still do each separately but the melding is really a great feeling.

How does my creative process work?

For crafting, pages or cards, I start with an image, I then pick out papers I like and start working on a design, playing with the layers until I get it how I like.

For drawing I start with an idea and start sketching. It might not end up how I started out intending it to but I try to roll with it. I find that I do more or am freed up more with background distractions too. Like the tv on or a radio talk show. It occupies a portion of my mind and kind of frees up the rest to do its thing unimpeded.  

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my paper, pencil, eraser and inking pens. If one of them isn’t right it ruins my mojo. 



The last part of the hop is to invite 3 crafters that inspire me to hop too. If they take up the challenge they will be posting next Monday, Sept 29. Normally on the hop I would post their pic and a short bio, but I’m not normal so I’m going to post their pic a link to their blog and why I think they are awesome…



 Leah l’orange
The Chronicles of Orange

Leah is my bestie. She’s a rock, she’s amazing, she has an attitude of persaverence that I hope to acheive one day. She’s unflinching, unwavering and true. Besides my sappiness because I lurv her so, she’s hilarious, unique, creative and freeing. Being her friend makes you better for it. No one makes things like hers and I love that!



Katie Perry
Kards by Katie

Katie is like a ray of sunshine bundled up into a coffee loving burst of fun. She’s funny, she’s fun to be with, I think of her like the little sister I never had and I don’t even remember who’s older. Her laugh is the best on the planet and she’s damn huggable. Her coloring glows in every piece she makes and her cards live up to that glow.


Judy (1)

Judy Bagwell
Just being Judy

Judy is incredible. She has creativity that goes on for days, her coloring is top notch, and her projects regularly blow me away. She’s a joke sniper, steadfast, honest, and someone I personally look up to. She has an eternal optimism and always seems to be on an adventure. It makes me want to move to Alabama to tag along!


  • Annette Allen says:

    aww thanks for sharing Kristy.. your pretty amazing.. 🙂

  • Sara S says:

    You are an amazing group of crafters!

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