Color Along Wrap Up

Big thanks to everyone who joined me on today’s Tuesday Edition of our Live Color Along! I had a lot of fun hanging with my color homies today on our Ustream Channel! We colored 2 of the critters from Winter Friends, the Polar Bear and one of the Penguins. 

Colors used:
BV20, BV23, BV25, BV29, E40, E41, E43, BG90, 0, Y13, Y26, Y28, R00, R02, R08

I wanted the Penguin to look shiney so I kept my highlights light and the darks dark. Then I added the tie and some shading to the penguin to help show the tie wasn’t stuck to his tummy.

Colors used:
 BV20, BV23, E40, E41, E43, Y13, Y26, Y28, R00

On the cutie Polar Bear I used the E40s and BVs to add shading and texture to him without over powering the white so he doesn’t look white. White has much more depth and shadow than you may think and while I could really add a lot more shadow he looks pretty cute. We also added some shadow below his scarf to show its wrapped around him and the ends are blowing. 


Next week we’ll be coloring Renew at our normal time of Wednesday at 1pm EST. I’ll have a color list up here the morning of if you want to color along! Check out this morning’s post for the schedule of coloring for the next 4 weeks.

If you colored along I’d love to see your coloring projects! Link up below.


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