Real Life Pin Tutorial by Aimee

Hi everyone! Aimee here!

It all started awhile back when I “pinned” this image. 

Recently I bought a motor home and have been traveling with Kevin {my boyfriend} and my parents. My parents have a racecar you can find out more about that here, and here. Since April 16th I have driven {been the passenger} over 10thousand miles, across the country. I am currently on the last trip of the race season.

As I was traveling across country I’m sure I was on one of my many mobile devices, trying to stay connected to the rest of the world.

I found the above image and loved it. I knew it would be a great way to document my travels.

In July I got the assignment from Simple Scrapper, to scrap a layout using a map. I was so excited for this layout to be created. 1. I love maps, 2. I have traveled so much this year it would be super easy, 3. I immediately knew I had pinned this image, and wanted to try it. And that is why I am calling this my real life pin.

I pinned & I recreated the pin!
And now for my tutorial.

I thought about how I would recreate this for a while, and the first attempt worked {so thankful for that, not all my ideas work! lol}

I went to AAA and got a map of the United States. Now I wasn’t sure if this would work, so the girl gave me 3 maps to fuss with. {I am a member and with a membership you get free maps} I was afraid that the cities/towns wouldn’t be the right size with the punch, or I might end up cutting through a town that I needed to punch, blah, blah, blah.

I wrote out a list of states/towns we slept in. It ended up we almost stayed in every state we drove through.

I didn’t have a large heart punch so I went out and bought 3. I didn’t know what size would be good, and you can always use a heart punch, so I got all 3 and ended up using the largest one I found.

I located the towns/cities/states and started punching. Some of the states we stayed in multiple places. I decided to make little flags with the town/cities on them.

I found a font I liked and typed all the info out. I cut them up into flags as small as I could.

After I punched the hearts from the map I ironed the hearts to get the creases from the folds out. I just used the iron on a low setting. 

I wanted the hearts to have a bit of dimension, so I punched some more hearts from cardstock and glued the map hearts to the cardstock hearts to give them stability.

I went to lay the hearts out on a 12×12 piece of card stock, and I realized I had to many hearts for 1 piece of cardstock. With my left over map, I knew there were other places I would be traveling through out 2012 so I punched those places too.

I then attached my little flags with my tiny attacher {little tiny staples for little tiny flags}

With the all of the places on my traveling agenda punched, I laid out all my hearts and I was able to fit in a title for a 2-page layout. I was only required to have one pager, and I needed it finished by a certain date. I finished the left side of the page. And this is what it looks like. When my travels are done this year I will finish the right side, it’s all ready to go {I just didn’t want to finish it incase our agenda changed, I wanted the places to be correct}

I hope this inspires you to use all those ideas that you pin! What creations have you made that were inspired by a pin?


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  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Another great place to get maps – Rest Stops. I always grab them when we stop, because you never know when you will need them for a craft…now I know what craft I will use them on.

  2. wow, that’s a lot of traveling! and such a cute way to document your visits. oh, and way to get the most out of that AAA membership!

  3. Great idea! I travel a lot for work so this would be a neat way to keep track. The majority of my projects lately have been inspired by color combos or sketches that I’ve pinned. I really enjoy Pinterest!!

  4. I love this idea. It is an awesome idea keeping track of your travels and the heart is a great idea of something you love to do. The banners with the towns and such is a great idea too. Fun project.

  5. Oooh i love pinterest… it’s quite addictive!! I’m travelling round a few places for my honeymoon so love this idea… i may have to copy and punch hearts out of maps where we’ve been each day on our journey! xxx

  6. Love your idea…I had something similar going when I lived overseas.
    I had pins in S. America and Asia…but once I got home and settled into Motherhood the pins slowed down.

  7. Fantastic idea Aimee, very clever way to document your travels, shall have to borrow this idea lol! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of our travels, take careX:)

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