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Teacher’s Gift

My Dude graduated Preschool last night and is on his way to kindergarten in the fall! YAY! I totally forgot yesterday was the last day for him and needed something to make as a teacher’s gift as she went out of her way to help him and turn it around. I found something similar to what I ended up doing using fridge alphabet magnents but apparently no one has those anymore (went to 6 stores). So I had a duh moment and switched it up to colored pencils! I got a rectangular vase (a cylinder would work too, I got the flat sided when I thought I could find the magnents), a tube of glass glue and 5 fresh 12 count boxes of crayola colored pencils and had at it! I did one side at a time to give each side time to set before moving on as they did want to slide a bit. Then I tied on the ribbon and wrapped it around a couple times with Washi tape to dry over night. The tape was to keep everything in place without it leaving some stickiness.ย 

Then this morning I made the tag. At least the perk of not being able to take it last night is I got a great pic to make a tag out of ย for the front of Dude and his teacher ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

and on the back Dude wrote his own Thank You :love:ย 

I filled the vase up with Yellow Spider and Pincushion Mums and we’ll be good to go to the Class picnic today!


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