My Best Project of the Week #9

 1. Damaris     2. Cor     3. Faye

I noticed a little trend in some of the submissions last week so I HAD to go with that for this week’s collage! So fun! Look at the 3 above and tell me if you spot it right off too  :> I’m such a nerd! Don’t just say all three are awesome bc like DUH we all already know that one! And when you go look for the theme, check out Faye’s post title, I LOVE IT! I’m a sucker for things like that! :DD

1 more week to refer a friend over to our fun lil party. If you’re not sure what that is about, check out last week for the details on how you can grab yourself a little swag 🙂 The holidays make me want to give presents away! Smiles and happy people make my heart happy. 

So my fav project from last week was…


Turkey Hats from Thanksgiving with the kids and hubs! That was so much fun and a drama free crafty project with them, we don’t get many of those lol

SO, link up your fav project from last week below and don’t forget to add the badge to the post so I can feature you in the collage!

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  1. Yay! You picked mine! How exciting!! Other than they’re all girls, they all used pink and they’re all framed in an oval shape I can’t find any other similarities… lol.

    Anyway, proud to be included in the top 3. I’m certainly gonna tweet, facebook & blog about this one! =)

    x0, Damaris

  2. Hey Kristy! Thanks for liking my card!!!! I can see the same as Damaris……PLUS they all have some sort of homemade flower’1?!! I’m truly grasping here! I’m off to find my bestest more perfectest project from last week! I gotta get me that wee badge on my sidebar too so more people come out to play! Holidays….pttftp…..makes everyone so busy!!! Love the turkey lurkeys!

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