VLCD Mini Album

Wednesday I went to my first appointment for a program I’ll be starting soon. Its a medically monitored weight loss program called VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet. I have such a long way to go to get to a weight that I’ll feel happy and content with that normal dieting wasn’t going to do it for me.

During my pregnancy with my my daughter I basically ballooned! Crazy ballooned. I’m not going to share how much I weigh now but Β lets just say that even though I could barely keep anything down the entire pregnancy (just the smell of chicken and beef could send me to the bathroom!) I almost doubled my weight. Then after my son, which thank goodness I didn’t gain with, I felt too dang tired to try and bring the weight down. Now I feel like I am ready, willing, and hopefully able to do something about it!

I met with Dr. White and had my history/check up to get the ball rolling and on the 23rd I’ll meet with the dietitian, exercise physiologist, and behaviorist to develop my specific plan and dive in! I have to go weekly for classes and check ups, have blood draws and meetings with the Dr bi-weekly for at least the first couple of months. So far from meeting Dr. White and some of the staff, they seem so supportive and ready to help. I was weighed on this special scale that sends a small electrical current thru and measures how much of you is water, muscle, and fat, then analyzes your body type and give all sorts of info like BMI, % of fat then recommended % and tons more. That’s actually kinda cool even though its slightly depressing lol.

I wanted to keep track of my progress and be able to have a spot to keep my thoughts down so I made this mini album. The white with green dots is oil cloth and the back is fabric (not sure by who right now). I made some double fold bias tape and bound around. I wanted it to have a rough feel so did alot of stitching. I bound some kraft cardstock pages inside with bakers twine.

I decided to bind it with the twine just in case I wanted to add extra pages. The program is suppose to be 16 weeks but they said that if you haven’t lost as much as you’d like by week 12 (the last 4 are transition back to normal eating) that you can extend it out for how many more weeks you need. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this till winter lol! I might share pages as I add them but rest assured, I’m going to blur out the actual weight number, but I’ll share lbs lost πŸ™‚
My to-dos from Dr white until my next appointment is to find things I like to do exercise-wise, start drinking 56oz of water (at least) a day, cut out the regular pop (*sob* that’s my caffine! occassional diet pop is ok as a reward she said) and to start taking a multi-vitamin.
So a big fingers crossed and fist pump! Just going this far I feel totally empowered and on my way! Almost half way to my water goal for the day! πŸ™‚
  • Robin Funge says:

    Your book is fab! Wishing you all the best with your weight loss… I also gained a ton of weight with pregnancies, {over 100lbs} but lost most of it by counting calories so it works!! Also used one of the apex watches that let’s you know exactly how many you are burning….
    See the stamps are over in Quixotic on our side of the pond now!!! That’s brilliant!!!

  • Mish says:

    Pop is my downfall also. I have noticed taking a multi vitamin has helped considerably in my mood and energy. Good luck!!


  • Mish says:

    Oh! Also I love your album that you made!

  • Patrice says:

    Good luck with your weight loss. You sound super positive and ready to do this so I’m sure you’ll do really well. I’ll be checking back to see how you’re progressing.

    Coke is my downfall too – I LOVE the stuff and don’t feel I can survive without lol.

    Great little album too btw!

  • Jeanette - Tettiz says:

    Lush album – I know you’ll fill it with lots of happiness as the numbers will get lower and lower! Good luck with everything – I should be doing the same as you, but I need to get to “that place” in my mind first. I need to find motivation. πŸ˜‰

  • caz says:

    Adorable album!!
    Good luck with the lifestyle change!! Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you get more fit your physical weight might stay the same (or even increase, gasp!) but if you’re losing the inches, then hoorah!!

    I need to make some changes in my lifestyle and diet too I think.. good on you for getting to the right mindset to take on the challenge, I’m sure you’ll do great!! πŸ™‚

  • Adina Medina says:

    Heya girlie! Many positive thoughts going your way…. I totally understand what you’re going through and I wish you ALL the best… Miss you bunches! My l’il man is gonna be one on Monday (can you believe it’s been a whole year??) and I’m bummed the baby weight hasn’t come off faster… But it’s to be expected… ANYWHOO, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers chica. HUGS!!!

  • sarah says:

    gd luck!!!! x

  • Trina says:

    Good luck! I don’t have any little people, but have experienced a ballooning which I can’t seem to get rid of. (Not like I do anything consistently enough to change it…) Maybe you’ll be my inspiration! (no pressure there…) πŸ™‚

  • marlene says:

    this is an adorable album, love it. all the best to you. love all your new designs too, fab πŸ™‚ xxx marlene

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