Work Wednesday – Thanksgiving

Today I did a coule projects with the kidlettes since both are home today to decorate with for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’ve got one done and the other is one I can’t finish until tomorrow bc its a total fam project (assuming everyone plays along lol). So today the kids put together their own lil turkeys! I put the pieces out with my sil, they colored on them (I helped Kenton a tad bc he was getting frustrated) and then put them together. They’ve been todays fav!

They’re purty sturdy and stand up on their own. Assuming they don’t smash them they will be on display tomorrow 🙂 I’ll have pics of the other project tomorrow! 
Have a great holiday with your families and I hope its a wonderful day!

I am thankful for cleaning products that work. You out there with kids totally know what I mean!

  • Crystal_235 says:

    Love the turkeys! Wondering how you made them!

  • tammy @ not just paper and glue says:

    Oh – these are so sweet! Really cute.

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