bummer, no crafting

I’m totally bummed about the stitches thing. You never really realize how much you use your left hand (I’m right handed) until its a bummer. Its really just the one finger that’s all but up but its right on the base so when I push or pull with the others it pulls on the stitches so it all might as well be busted.

Enough woe as me, there’s still a ton I can do with one hand. Crafting not so much though. We are getting past the half way point with the new office/crafty space. The new big office desk is up, the rest of the furniture is moved. But we’ve still got a ways to go to finish making it purty and cleaning up. I have a new cube for paper that is waiting for DH to put together b/c I simply can’t. So instead on what would normally be dollies friday (sog thursday was put off for the same injury) I’ve got some snippet pics from a couple finished bits of the office area.

I still have to paint the desk, hang up a curtain under the desk and put away my last few crafty bits (as soon as that cube is put together). 
Also another quick add to my blog is a couple blog buttons for my lil corner of the world. Code grabs are right below if you’d like one 🙂 
We’ll see over the weekend how these stitches start to heal and maybe by monday I’ll get on the wagon again. The dr says at least another week for the stitches to stay in though boo. What’s your weekend plans?
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  • MommyScraps says:

    I miss you dollie… sending happy birthday wishes again and thinking of you… 🙂

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