Work Wednesday – Craft Space

This post is taking forever to write but today my big plan was to do my LO for Design Dollies and to start packing my crafty area for the big furniture move. But alas, I am a major klutz and gave my pointer finger on (thankfully) my left hand a good slice and got 5 stitches today. SO I’m basically a one handed girl for at least a couple days.

That’s not stoppin me from day dreaming about my new crafty office area 🙂 Not one bit! Since I don’t have progress pics to show as I planned yesterday (DH would kill me if he came home to stuff moved!), let’s talk craft areas! What do you like/dislike about yours? Robin F linked up this fabby resource on Monday’s post : Crafty Storage and it has solutions and ideas for everything and anything! I’ll start my list

-my craft desk size, plenty of table top
-how most my crafty bits are contained in my armoire
-Finally got a good over desk light fixture
-being able to look out the window at either desk

-office desk and craft desk are weird heights, too high for reg chair too low for stool
-not enough wall space to put big furniture against
-office desk is crammed in a corner which makes getting in the drawers of it and my dresser cabinet impossible without too much shuffling
– one shelf above craft desk is too high for easy reach

I think the furniture shuffle will fix alot of these things but my space is also apart of my living room so that’s an issue too.

So what about you? Likes/dislikes? Maybe you have a tip to share!

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