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Today I have something a little bit different to share. Its kind of a request for help if you’d be so inclined…




ignore the huge picture of my mug, I had no idea what pic to use.


I’m going to try not to reiterate what I wrote in the Go Fund Me campaign story, so I invite you to go read it. After switching to my hybrid method of creating, drawing on the tablet, transferring to my desktop computer to edit and finish in Photoshop, I’ve realized that this not only speeds up my work time but it also makes for less mistakes and I feel freer in my drawing.


As halfway methods go, I’m pretty in love with it. Here’s what I’m not in love with… when editing or painting I am chained to my desk. Since that is a big portion of my job, along with creating graphics for SOG, this blog, photo editing, etc I pretty much live at this desk. Comet does keep me company though so that’s nice. So much of my job is done in photoshop which is not something a tablet can run. Secondly I have tried, but I can not do what many people do and draw on the tablet that sits on your desk while looking at the screen. I can color that way, weirdly, but not draw or ink. 


Here’s what I’m asking from you… I am saving a portion of my Patreon income but I’d love to upgrade my equipment to the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. This lovely is portable, as in go anywhere, can also connect to my desktop and work with it and would further speed up my work time by letting me draw and edit all in one place… which is anywhere. The cost of one of these means that I can’t see it happening, SOG is good to me but not that good. So please, click over to my GoFundMe page, have a read and show me some support by donating to le starving artist OR sharing the page. Both would be amazing. There is a reward available too, just sayin. The cost listed is for a new model but with enough support and keeping an eye out it may not be that much if I can find a good used model.


BIG HUGS and thanks for any and all support! Its completely immeasurable! 

  • theprideoflife says:

    I love your work!

    • Kristy says:

      thanks so much!

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