Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe Typewriter, my new baby

This past christmas, hubbins presented me with the world’s heaviest gift. After carrying it around now I can definitely testify to its gravitational pull, but at the time its sheer weight made it oh so perplexing. 


We go to the Antique Fair in Allegan a few times from Spring to Fall and he knew I’d been looking for a cute typewriter, nothing too big, actually working. Opening this big box on christmas was a real treat when I found what looked like a hardsided suitcase inside, it was actually my new baby.




Its a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe, if you didn’t know by the post title, from 67′. 


Even though my SCMGD had been kept safe in its case, which I’m pretty lucky it had, it was still dirty, in need of oil, and a new ribbon. Cleaning an old typewriter is a lot more work that you would think it would be, luckily we live in the magical time of the internet and I was able to find pretty easy to follow instructions to get the job done. Easy to follow, yes; any less time consuming, no. 


A couple quick tips on the job if you even need to tackle this:

It will take way longer than you think, don’t allot only one afternoon, more like a week of afternoons. I just did an hour here, an hour there, so it wasn’t such a gigantic affair. 

WD-40 will help oh so much, but a little goes a LONG way. I overdid it, but it worked out in the end… after I had to let the machine drip dry for a couple days. Not my proudest moment, I got trigger happy.

See if you can find a copy of the original instructions on the internet. I didn’t pay attention taking the ribbon out and I’m happy to have the PDF to answer my questions.

Your baby will need oil. I was recommended Liquid Bearings, which I got off Amazon, and it works great, also came with a needle tip for hard to reach spots which is a lifesaver. 

Lastly, universal ribbon spool is not necessarily universal. I almost ordered something that wouldn’t fit, double check size and if your model is listed. No list? Find a different listing.




Now that she’s all cleaned up and ready to go, I’m going to use her to type up labels and probably card sentiments that I don’t have that perfect stamp for. Typewriters have become a cute trend but I like it that its also going to be useful in my office and crafting. 


Do you have any special items in your home, office or craft space? Enable me in the comments, I will thank you but Mr may not.



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  • Sandra says:

    Wow! I am drooling. I actually had this model when I was in high school. Yes that just dated me. lol. I miss it so much but thanks to my mother who was throw it out instead of a keep it lady, out in the trash it went. grrr. I would have gone into cardiac arrest if I opened that on Christmas morning. You have a keeper for a mate. I’ve had one on my wish list for years but it keeps getting push to the bottom of the list. Happy typing.

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