2016 OLW & Goals

Today I want to share my personal and professional goals for 2016. 

I like goals vs resolutions because they seem more like actionable plans. I’m a list maker and love checking things off, it gives you those little rewards of accomplishment along the way that are motivating to keep checking them off and goals work with that quite well. Each year I pick my “one little word” and create goals to support that word, here is my olw for 2016


I’ve seen a lot of other people’s words over the last couple years and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pick this one, not that its why I chose it. Like my blog schedule, it encompasses a few things that I’ve been wanting to put in place or start working on.

At first glance, and I think you’ll agree with me “self” seems kind of selfish, right? well, maybe, but I’m rolling with it anyway. I may come back and update this list but here is what I have for 2016 so far, in no particular order:

Personal Goals

Organization. This could go under both really as it cover a ton of areas.

Continue to work with my dr to get the best med combination for me. We aren’t there yet. 

Create a routine that works for me, and work out what needs to happen to keep it up.

Leave time open for just myself but as well as family time.

Open up more about what I “need” (this seems more resolution-y but it does have steps behind it, really).


Professional Goals

Continue to learn and progress with my digital painting skills by utilizing online courses from Lynda.com and other sources.

Take SOG into year 7 by re-establishing our presence in the online community. 

Work on developing myself as an “artist” by name as well as thru SOG. 

Put systems in place to help me work ahead, stay on top of things, and counteract some of the drawback from my meds (ie: tired all the time, extremely forgetful)

Create more informational products (like my Coloring Faces ebook)

Develop a working monthly plan for SOG


I have a few more things that I could add to the list but those are dependant on somethings that are going to be decided in the next handful of months, I’ve got all my fingers crossed! I’ll go into that later depending on what happens. I know, such a tease.

Each of these will get broken down into steps and set up into a time table of what I want to complete while still being flexible with myself. Some will definitely be ongoing though so they will have mini goals, like “complete this online course” etc. I made myself a printable for my schedule/to do list a bit ago, if you’d like me to put it up for download let me know. It’s set up for how I like things but maybe I’m not alone in how I like my planner pages. 

For my first personal post in the new schedule this one seems all seriously written, not my normal rambly hilarity (in my own mind). I’m going to blame it on that I am going to take these seriously so I have to give them serious thought… seriously. 

I know some of you out there are my Oddies so if you can think of something you’d like to see out of SOG in 2016 don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments, my DT girls will tell you that I always take any and all ideas seriously.

Now I just can’t help myself. 

See you next week!


  • Sharon Field says:

    Good for you! Sounds like you are getting on with life in a positive manner. I would love to see your planner/goals sheet. I always seem to have good intentions at this time of year, but all too often they fall by the wayside, which may be do to my lack of organization!

    • Kristy says:

      I can totally relate to that! Keeping organized is so hard, I find it easy to set up but hard to maintain. I’ll post the sheets this friday 🙂

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