A small obsession

Everybody has something that makes them happy that may not be the most practical of things. Maybe making models *ahem Mr*, or collecting plates, or maybe cute vinyl toys.


I might be guilty of that last one too.


My small obsession is pretty appropriate considering who I am and what brings me joy. I collect vintage wall mounted pencil sharpeners.





What makes these completely unpractical? I only use mechanical pencils HA!


The remind me of back in the day, getting your favorite pencil to the perfect point and heading off to draw. Though back then they weren’t as cute as my 2 up there, just the standard chrome bostons at school. These 2 are my newest additions, they are from the 1950s and came in the original packaging, damaged packaging so I don’t feel bad tearing them out of there. I don’t think I’d feel bad either way though, not as enjoyable thru plastic, am I right? 


All told I have 13 total, not a giganto collection if you consider people whose collections have completely dominated their entire houses. The earliest one I have is from the 20s, the rest span into the 60s. 


I’d love to have a smallish wall in my house one day that is top to bottom sharpeners… and no, you can’t use them, yes, they do work. My MIL asked to use one and the expression on my face must have tipped her off that they weren’t for every day use, it was most likely one of horror.


If you spot any cute ones on ebay or etsy or where ever feel free to let me know! I usually indulge once a month, they aren’t that pricey, and I shop around. I sound like some connoisseur of fine sharpeners haha!


What about you? What’s your small obsession?


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