Coloring Faces Ebook

I’m super excited (and nervous to tell the truth) to be putting out my Coloring Faces ebook today!


I’ve been picking away at this thing for 2+ years and finally decided to go for it and get it out there. There are many great ebooks out but I think this one will give you a unique perspective. In it I share techniques to “seeing” the shape of the face then applying that to all the stylized images we know and love. Its a bit more “in depth” probably than some coloring tut books out there as its to show you how to approach an face with some anatomy behind it, which is how I roll.


This ebook has 72 pages, 6 reusable worksheets, 11 pages, and 118 images of photographic light source reference as well as a bonus chapter on choosing colors.

My ebook will give you a new perspective on shading faces and a deeper understanding of the why behind it. There are many awesome ebooks out there but none like this one.

I’m saying that like its a good thing 🙂 

Another thing I love about this is that if I ever update or expand on this book, anyone who purchases it will automatically be emailed a link to download the update. Pretty cool I think.

I hope you like it and share where you got it with your crafty friends if you do.


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