Curtsy | Speed Drawing

Last week I released a new digi in my shop called Curtsy Gwen. Pretty obvious where the name is from, ha. Here I have the Speed Drawing video of Curtsy…



She’s an interesting draw and color with the transparent portion of her dress. Its fun to put your mind to work figuring out how you want it to look and how then to do it. Here’s how she turned out for me when I digitally colored her…



I’ll completely admit that its easier to do digitally but still easy and fun to do traditionally.

For anyone wondering, and has seen my past coloring videos, know that how I work in layers for each coloring area and use a duplicated layer masked to keep the mess down. For the transparent areas what I ended up doing was lowering the opacity on the original layer, not the layer I am coloring on. If you did it the other way around you’d just see the layer you were masking, which in my case is white. That did take me a bit to figure out in the first place but very handy.

I hope everyone in the US has a Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re not here, I hope you spend at least part of your day loving on your family and enjoying the things you have.

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