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    Happy Monday!

    Meet Chibi Trina! Meet Chibi Lisa! Trina and Lisa are crafty friends that I was thrilled to make chibis for! Lisa is such a sunny sweetheart, hence I dressed her in a bright yellow and Trina is a fun outgoing chick who was born in Japan. Did you catch the shirt? All her idea, definitely not my smarts 🙂

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    Happy Memorial Day and Chibis! :)

    Meet Chibi Marlene! Meet Chibi Cherise! Our two chibis on todays post have a special thing in common… a special bond if you will… Marlene and Cherise are MOTHER and DAUGHTER! Today is the day that Marlene will be giving Cherise her Chibi (its a birthday giftie) so I thought there was no better day to share these two 🙂 Cherise really liked her Mom’s chibi when she saw it so sneaky Mom put in a rush order! She’s going to frame a print of it and wrap it like a giftie. SO SWEET! Who thought chibis could bring mom’s and daughters together? Not me! 🙂 I hope everyone is…

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    Meet Chibi Nina and Shell!

    Meet Chibi Nina! Isn’t she too cute? That was my first thought on taking a look at her pics 🙂 I’d love some gorg hair like that! Nina is such a sweetie AND a crafter so check out her blog! Meet Chibi Shell! Shell’s chibi was so fun to do! I definitely got a sense of attitude and spunky fun from her that I tried to give her an expression of “she’s all that and a bag of chips!” I hope I succeeded! I have in my hand too Some Odd Girl’s first magazine publication but the batteries on my camera are dead! *sob* so that will have to be…

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    Meet some new Chibi Chicks!

    Meet Chibi Patricia! Patricia is one fun crafty chick and if guesting with us at Some Odd Girl this month so it was doubly fun to get to chibi her! Not to mention she’s just so cute! Her red glasses are THE BEST, she pulls them off with such style too 🙂  You can see some fun crafty creations over at her blog. Meet Chibi Kimm! Kimm is such a sweetsie that this expression seemed so her to me 🙂 Sweet and fun! Not only is Kimm a talented crafter she owns a fun shop of her very own. So you can hop over to her blog and see a…

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    Expressions Worksheet – Rage

      For the expression worksheet I’ve been picking away, this one is Rage. I like how it turned out with the fangs especially lol I can have a bit of a temper but its usually after its been building and building, gaining momentum until I blow up or sarcastically dismiss it. It could takes days though 🙂 Well since I took the weekend off basically, I need to start working, since I also slept in. It was after 2:30am before I finally fell asleep last night, nothing was working to make it sooner. Then DH wasn’t home last night (monthly inventory at work) so I always sleep poorly when he’s…

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    Meet some more Chibi friends!

      I’ve had a lot of things to post about lately, (I’m not complainin!) and I have a few more chibi’s that I’ve finished up to share 🙂 Meet Chibi Patricia and Chibi Lis! Patricia and Lis were such sweethearts to work with. They were as different to draw as night and day. Get the pun? Dark hair, light hair? Huh? lol Both were so fun, Patricia has such gorgeous hair and I love how Lis called herself out on being girly 🙂 Stop on over and say Hi to both and see their Chibis AND their gorgeous creations. While they might be so different, one thing is the same,…

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    Meet Chibis Sam and Asa :)

    Meet Chibi Sam 🙂 isn’t she just too cute? I thought Sam had the most gorg hair and eyes! I decided to make a pose that would let me showcase them. She wears glasses like I do… well not the big honkin ones like I do… and thought including them not only shows “her” but frames her eyes and draws you in 🙂 She gave me the option to leave them off, but I like it better this way 🙂 Meet Chibi Asa! Asa is one of the girlies on my DT for Some Odd Girl and I heart her! If you hop over to her blog, you can see…

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    Meet Chibi Pops!

    Ok, I’m seriously having a BLAST with these Chibis! This is Chibi Pops, I drew it for the super cute and sweet Pops. She’s a shy girl who has a personality like a ray of sunshine, which is the inspiration for her clothing color and her pose. Pops is a generous, hard working loving lady and I hope I’ve showed that as well 🙂 So many of the crafters I’ve talked to say their the person “behind” the camera rather than infront of it or they don’t have a piccy of themselves that they love/like/comfortable with. I hope Pops likes this one 🙂 Email me Kristy@someoddgirl.com if you’d like to…

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    Chibi Debra

    Happy Easter crafty friends! Scroll down to see my post for the Some Odd Girl Stamp Release Blog Hop but not before you see Chibi Debra! I was commissioned by the super sweet Debra to make a “ME” of her. She saw the flamboyant Chibi Kellie I had made for Miss Winnell that I’m affectionately calling Waffle Kellie and sent me an email 🙂 I had a ton of fun with it, these are just addictive to make! From a piccy of her and some clues to her personality I drew up her Chibi. I have 3 more I’m working on and am just so excited! These girls are super cute!…