Happy Birthday Dude!

Today is the day my baby boy turns 5! 5 Big years old! Its really ridiculous , in the last few months we’ve seen alot of growing up in him and he had a time when he went thru the terrible two’s that he never went thru when he was two but he’s made a big turn around and now he’s 5! *insert big mommy sigh* 

So since he can take goodies in for his big day and his fav thing on the planet it seems sometimes is lollipops I thought we’d make some cake pops! Now all the tuts I’ve seen make doing it look pretty easy! I really thought with my decorating background that I would have no problem making these and the plan was to make them look like Angry Birds (that’s his other big love!).

Boy was I WRONG. 

We learned ALOT yesterday while making cake pops! they did get finished but they don’t look like birds. I’m happy they are done and edible XD 

First you have to bake up some cake. Dude wanted white cake so that’s what we did, 2 9×13 sheet cakes. That was mistake #1, after research later we found out *not* to use white because it is too moist to ball up properly. heh. Then you mix it with enough frosting to make a play dough like consistancey. Then the mix goes into the fridge until it sets and stiffens. After that you bring it out and make it up into balls.

Then put the sticks in them. Here’s mistake #2. The kids asked to put the sticks in. Well you’re suppose to put them in about 2/3s of the way but they either barely put them in or put them all the way thru. Then the balls go in the freezer to really harden. 

After pulling them out we melted white chocolate on a double boiler and went to color the chocolate totally forgetting that candy needs a special colorant. Mistake 3. In my head “candy” means hard candy and I knew that means the colorant but chocolate is so milky it never occured to me that normal food coloring wouldn’t work. Needless to say we had to go out and buy the right coloring and more melting chocolate, though this time we got candy quick. This time when we melted and colored it worked really well! 

After that is was time to coat the cake balls in the candy… the first attempt wasn’t that great…

but after a couple it wasn’t too bad…

But the overly moist cake mistake and the kids and sticks mistake came back to bite us as some of the balls didn’t want to stay on the sticks so that is what officially killed the Angry Bird cake pop idea :3 So we just made them a little colorful with some yellow candy streaks.

I just got home from his class and I can officially say they were a hit! There was even a fire drill in the middle and most of the kids made sure to bring their cake pops outside lol! You know that’s true lurv right there :DD 

The next thing up for today is making his actual birthday cake! I’m much more confident in this one! We are making Angry Birds Black Bird. I hope it goes well, or at least better than cake pop follies lol!!! 


  • Faye says:

    Happy Birthday Dude! The cake pops look fab and like they were a lot of fun, even if it was through gritted teeth. 🙂 We’re at Terrible Two’s right now, even though we’re three. Good to know I only have two years left. Sigh. xxx

    • Kristy says:

      LOL! I’ll say that it depends on the kid, my daughter is 7 in a month and she’s already like a teen! All attitude! But she always has been :/ Dude is opposite, sweet and cuddley (she is too but not to his extent lol). He just put off the becoming independent stage 2 year olds struggle with until now but he seems almost done. THANK GOOMIE!

  • Rachel Parys says:

    Ahhh yes, the ever popular cake pops. Wow are they a lot of work! They turned out pretty cool with the yellow and blue! Thanks for posting your mistakes, sounds like the same exact stuff I would have done! 😉

    Have a super fun 5 year old bday!!!!

    • Kristy says:

      The mistakes is what made it funny now XD Frustrating but funny, won’t stop me from trying again though! 😀

  • jan farnworth says:

    happy birthday and i am sure he was proud that you tried really hard to make his day special and i am sure the cake will be much easier to do.

    • Kristy says:

      Getting ready to start the cake… fingers crossed!

  • leanne says:

    happy 5th birthday dude!!
    cake pops that much trouble? huh, you would think they would be easy peasy they are so small. the end result looks yummy and i bet dude was so impressed that mom tried something new for his bday. can’t wait to see the cake. 🙂

    • Kristy says:

      they ended up a bit bigger than the typical cake pop I think lol. Closer to a tennis ball than a golf ball ha. He was proud to take and give one to each of his class mates today 😀

  • Dena says:

    Happy Birthday to your little dude! I have to give you credit, I would NEVER attempt to make cake balls like that. Our grocery store had a silicone cake ball tray and I have seen the one on tv but I look at it and think, that’s just a disaster waiting to happpen! I’m a better cook than a baker and I have definitely given it a shot. I’ll go to the store and buy them and everyone will be much happier. Off to pick up some new digi stamps!

  • Annie Rose says:

    Happy Birthday, Dude! 🙂
    Your pops look delicious. If I were having a fire drill, I’d grab mine first thing as well.

  • kate says:

    yummo!!! such a funny post and what a great ending!! happy birthday dude!

  • Alcye says:

    OMG! Kristy these look amazing…please post some to me!! 😀

  • Corry says:

    Happy Birthday DUDE!! love those cake ideas!! Gonna have to steal that one! I’m glad to hear that a major turn of events happens when kids turn 5 (mine turns 5 in September)….cuz some days….I truly don’t even recognize him, he’s so weird and well “a boy”……Big birthday ‘high fives’ to your little man!!

  • Gina L says:

    Happy Birthday to your little guy! My friend’s son turned 5 last month. She signed him up for kindergarten earlier this week and I think we both cried! Like she said, it’s so good to watch them grow, but at the same time, so sad, too. They grow too fast! Anyway, he also loves angry birds, so they had an angry birds party, too. I think your cake pops are cute. Heck, any that I made would not only be far from edible, but they’d also look a fright.

  • Patricia says:

    Love these, Kristy! So colorful and I know they are some yummy. Hope it was a happy birthday for the little one!

  • Arabella says:

    Happy Belated birthday to your big boy Dude! Lol! Your cake pops ordeal made me laugh! I had no idea you don’t cook them! They look great though in spite of the problems along the way! I’ve been meaning to get Bakerella’s book for a while now… I must do that!


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