Tuesday To Do – Copic Color Wheel

This week, since my voice sounds like a 67 year old blues man, I thought I’d chat it up about a lil copic basic: the Copic Color Wheel.

The Copic Color Wheel is a handy thing that actually gives you alot of info about your copics. It has an explanation of the rhyme and reason of the color code on the marker, a brief run thru on picking your blending groups and visually shows you what greys work best with which color fam. 
That last bit is the handiest part, all greys are apparently not made equal, or in this case the same. If you give a glance you’ll notice that the color wheel looks like a pie, a rainbow pie 🙂 Each piece, except the slice with the E family, which is like its own last frontier, is grouped with the grey family that would work the best to shade with. Like all rules, they are meant to be broken but this gives you a great launch place and a pretty fast guarantee that those will work together. YR and R also aren’t paired up with a grey fam so its what works best for you and what you’re doing but for a good starting point try Warm Grey with the YR’s and Toner Grey with the R’s.  Warm grey has more of a yellow tone, toner grey a brown tone, neutral is pretty neutral and cool grey has a blue tone.
Copic Marker’s website has a nice lil library with some handy resources that if you haven’t taken a look at yet you should hop on over for. Next week on my Tuesday To Do I’ll be back with another vid similar to last weeks but for blondes. I’m also planning future vids on blending, skin, clothes, textures and more. Let me know if you have any specific questions or requests for future articles. 
If you are looking for something to practice your coloring skills on today is the fall release over at Some Odd Girl! There’s some definite fun in that release!
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    Girl, you've been busy!!! Love the new Tinies!

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