Artsy Friday: Throwback Sketch using Copic Markers

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One of the things I found when I moved my office was an empty (but giant) sketch pad that I put a lot of my older pieces into. I remember doing this piece while watching TV a couple years ago, it’s a sketch using Copic Markers over pencil. In my mind she was balancing on a log, hence the pose, but I never did draw the log lol. 

The addition of copic markers was added mostly as an after thought. You’re much better off adding the pencil in your art after the markers but that doesn’t always work out when you go at it without a plan. 🙂 If you’ve done a sketch and want to put your Copics over it, I suggest either sketching with a multiliner or going over the pencil sketch with the multiliner THEN coloring with your markers, that’s what I did with the Bluebird Sketch I did a while back.

FYI: You can go Copic over pencil but depending on lead, a lot of times your copic will smear the pencil and the pencil lead will stain the tip, not ruin the tip but stain it. 

I hope you have a great weekend! Just a heads up, I’ll be working on this blog on and off so it’ll be down for maintenance a bit.  Yes, I can’t leave well enough alone lol.

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