Elves and Holiday fun

Last day of the Holiday Hop! I have another holiday card to share 🙂 This one is featuring Elf Tia from the Warm Wishes Tia set. Looking at the card now I wish I had colored more of Tia’s clothes with the Blue, she would have stood out more but I was practing coloring my reds and may have gotten carried away a smidge lol. 

I had alot of fun with this Tia this year. I found her lil elf ears too cute! Anyways, the card has papers from MME and EP. I’m happy that I had this card waiting in the wings to share as I’ve been in full on drawing mode for the past few days. Its funny how artistic cravings even have a “mood.” I’m sure you all know what I mean! Sometimes, even though you LOVE cardmaking, you want to scrap or just color up some images without worrying where they’ll go and right now my mood is drawing. I’m working on some digis for next year and having a blast!

I don’t know if any of you follow me on Twitter (or if you’d even find it interesting lol) but I figured out the easy way to tweet pics (for those of us without Instagram, my only Apple App want) and might start tweeting some WIPs pics. Quite daring, I know *sarcasm* It is for ME bc while I LOVE seeing other people’s sketches or sketch dumps I’ve never been comfy showing my own so its like a baby step. I actually *might* enjoy seeing the sketches more than the finished piece. All the work behind a piece is fun and sometimes more interesting.

Now that I’ve rambled on today, maybe a result of pain meds from the root canal, I’ll let you all know that tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of my lil giveaway from Monday so today is the last day to enter!

Have a happy holiday everyone!!!

  • Damaris V. says:

    Once again, a beautiful card. I’m loving all the bright colors. (I used those 2 lines a lot for my Christmas cards this year also). I love twitter, but I don’t have an APPLE.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your skills with us and happy drawing!! Can’t wait to see the new digis.

    x0, Damaris

    P.S. @Latin_DoLL (find me – hehe)

  • cricutalltime says:

    great card.ill be waiting to see those digis soon.

  • Faye says:

    Sigh. I just love your colouring. The layout and bright colours on this fab card are, erm, fab! xx

  • lizzie says:

    ACK! This is so flipping cute! You always make me wanna go and color lol

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