30 Days

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Hi everyone! Christy here!

So happy to be a part of Kristy’s 30th birthday celebration…seems like forever since mine and I wanted to relive it vicariously through another Christy (even if she spells it wrong almost correctly LOL). I thought of several different things that I could do to share as a giveaway, but when it came down to it, I had to draw something just for Kristy….not that she needs anyone to illustrate anything for her. LOL

Anyway, here is my little birthday wish for her and all the odd girls out there. May we live forever and prosper. 🙂

My giveaway will include the little birthday girl stamp and the blank frames used in the background, plus your choice of 2 other images in the Tiddly Inks shop. 🙂

One winner will be selected from the comments below, you can enter thru October 29 and the winner will be announced on Oct 31. I hope Kristy had and continues to have a glorious and “perfectly odd” birthday. 🙂


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