Long time no see!

Or at least that’s the way it feels 🙂 Did anyone else seem to have a really long weekend? I’m not meaning that the relaxing never ended, I think it was bc I did a lot of cleaning and hanging and sorting, going out to the store or my SILs house for her birthday, just alot of things packed into 2 days. Not to mention DH was home Saturday, he usually works the weekend, and the days he’s home seem longer… not in a bad way lol!!! Just longer. That didn’t come out right at all! 😉 Which reminds me! If you, or maybe your husband (you know if yours is! LOL!!!), is into comics, movies, and more geekery (which is a loving term here) then send them on over to my hubs blog: Tribble Zombie. The name is kinda a joke but seems appropriate in its own way 🙂 Its new and he could use some blog buddies and I know I’m not the only chick married to a geek!

Today I’ve got a lil card to share featuring a new Some Odd Girl digi called Love Balloon.

This card sorta came together by accident with the scraps of papers laying about. The sentiment is computer printed 🙂 I was also pleasantly surprised that the balloon had the right amount of stripes for the rainbow coloring… not a fore thought lol. I wish I could claim to be so smart 🙂 Balloons were colored with copics: R24, YR04, Y04G05, B28, E25
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and aren’t too bummed about starting the work week again! 
  • lizzie says:

    awwww your hubby's blog is fun! my hubby is the biggest nerd ever lol and that's fine with me! but he's not into blogging… he's too busy with his wows and talking to his friends about which marvel charcter is the bestest hahahaa see nerd!

  • MrsK says:

    I have one too Kristy!! LOL he loves the zombies! I know what you mean about the weekend! We was decorating my wee man's bedroom and tidying and everything else yesterday was under long! oh and btw your card is awesome love the balloons floating off into the sky and mmmmmmm glitter!

  • Mrs Weyremaster says:

    Love your card, that heart balloon is so cute, definately on my wishlist:)

  • Metal_Minish says:

    Sweet card! Is that some gold mist on the cloudy paper? Looks awesome!

  • Pinky says:

    I adore your card!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to copy it girl!

  • Kate says:

    aw you are so cute!!

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