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I am currently not doing chibi commissions as I simply have run out of time boo. Thanks so much!

I am taking commissions to do custom Chibis (or Me’s as some are calling them) that you can use as your avatar, on your blog header or elsewhere. These are for personal, non-commercial use. They take me about 2-3 hours to draw, ink and color then scan in to the computer and clean it up. You can see some examples of one’s I’ve done for other’s in these posts. These are portrait shots and you will get a JPEG and PNG version when complete. These are portrait shots, not full length and not in digi or stamp form.

All I need to make a Chibi that looks like you is a few pictures and clues to your personality then I can get started.

If you are interested please email me, The price is $28 (invoiced thru paypal) and when you email I will let you know the approximate timeframe, as there is a little bit of a waiting list.

What is a Chibi?

Well, Chibi is a Japanese word meaning “short person” or “small child”. The word has gained currency amongst fans of manga and anime. Its meaning is of someone or some animal that is small. It can be translated as “little”, but is not used the same way as chiisana [小さな] (tiny, small, little in Japanese) but rather cute. In English-speaking anime and manga fandom, the term chibi has mostly been conflated with the ‘super deformed’ style of drawing characters with oversized heads or it can be used to describe child versions of characters.

My style is based in the Chibi art style but tweaked and changed into my very own.


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