Is love at first sight possible?

I think so!

I just discovered it when looking to use my 50% off coupon at Michael’s yesterday when I ran across this…
As anyone who had ever looked at my scrappiness knows I LOVE MY DYMO!!! Well, not that my old one was broken… it DID piss me off when it wouldn’t load a new roll of tape all that fast… but this one… ah this beauty fits your hand so nice! Has different font wheels and has such a cute bag with it!!! I love it! Its brand spankin new! I got it for $10 and I CAN NOT WAIT to use it on my next LO or card!!! But I am sitting her lounging at Panera Bread waiting for DH to get out of work. Not that I am really wanting this to end but ya know… that lovely thing is CALLING across the long distance to me…
use me…

squeeze me…

create with me…
how can you resist a call like that? LOL!!!
  • Darien says:

    Great!!! i love 50% coupons for Michael's!!! Cant wait to see your creation!!!

  • Leah the Orange says:

    i've seen them and pondered getting one – i love customized labels. i'm finding i'm using all these alpha stickers lately, and sometimes they're just too BIG for my cards.

    holmes – love it! congrats on the find! i think i'll be getting to know your new dymo friend a lot soon through your work! XO

  • triciapeever says:

    This is so adorable!!! I want one! How come you haven't been at ScrapMuse…I loved seeing your work on the regular. W

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