Some Pics from CHA 2014

Holy cripes! I’m back from almost a 2 week jaunt across the country to CHA in Anaheim. I have a few pics saved on my phone from the show, from my booth for Some Odd Girl and from my photographic shopping on the last day I’ll be sharing. 

My fav part of CHA is the people. Meeting new people, getting to see friends and forging new relationships. That said this is my post of peeps  :wave:

I was aisle 2400 neighbors with the girls from Freckled Fawn who were just awesome, funny, and just lots of fun! We really enjoyed all the sisterly love 🙂 They have some really fab things coming out soon! Check out their FB page for more pics of their goodies.



Another aisle 2400 neighbor was Heidi from Chickaniddy. She was super sweet and bubbly even in the morning when I was searching blindly for my caffeine. Her booth was so super cute, you can check it out, along with the growing table fan (lol) on her blog.



Those were new people I’m adding to my CHA list of must stop by next year… I may or may not actually have said list. Be afraid. I have quite a few that I always enjoy stopping to see. Warning: my lightning fast selfie skills leave something to be desired but meh, I like the pics anyway.

I always have to see the hilarious Marianne Walker from Copic Markers. I actually got her to make a nice face for this pic.


Its always great to see the talented Colleen Schaan, also with Copic Markers. She has so much going on I’m geeked she makes time to stop by and see me.


Lastly, but not leastly, I got to see a few of the girls from Paper Issues! Unfortunately I saw most of them when we were super busy in the booth so I didn’t get piccys (I may cry!) but I do have this one with Kelly Feldman and Aimee Maddern that’s too fun.


Leah can’t contain herself and Kevin adds the photo bomb to the back… only Kelly can take a decent pic lol. 


Welp, that’s all I have for right now. I’ll be back Wednesday with pics from our Booth and Friday with some pics of my photographic shopping spree.

Hope you have a fun week!

  • Ashley N Newell says:

    I’m sad we didn’t take a pic together.  🙁  

  • Kellie Winnell says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time, loved seeing all the pics!

  • Bridgette Copple says:

    I love seeing the pics from CHA!  I’m definitely coming next year!  

  • colleen says:

    CHA this year was crazy wasn’t it? It felt like I was always on the run and it was very hit or miss as far as seeing people! I’m go glad that we got to “run” into each other! It was a pleasure, as always to see you and your gang. 🙂

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