Artsy Friday: Slow Week


This week I haven’t gotten the chance to be to artsy. I have spent a lot of time getting all my ducks in a row for the term starting at Some Odd Girl next week Tuesday. You wouldn’t believe how many little things that need to fall in place to make that run smooth! But once its all setup it’s a pretty much a breeze so there’s that to look forward to.

I did get get a little time to sit down and color this week, mostly before bed while Mr. Some Odd Girl and I watched some TV. I played around with my Chameleon Markers and worked on getting different color combinations and how to blend in the darker shadows that I like to use which is the image you see above. I used Demure, a new digi stamps from Some Odd Girl. Night time phone pics are not the best pics.

Next week I’m back on the Art train!

In the meantime, I have my first video up over at StampNation today! Yay! I hope you happy over and check it out. I’m doing some exclusive videos for them on coloring with Copic Markers.

alrighty peoples, have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!


  • Charity Chamberlain says:

    She is beautiful 🙂 

  • janine says:

    have a lovely weekend

  • Edna says:

    Very pretty love the shading and her hair, thanks for sharing

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