Speed Coloring!

I thought this would make a fun video! (click to full screen to see it better)  I drew for fun this image and wanted to give some reflected light sources a go. This is about 2 hours of coloring condensed into about 15 minutes lol. I don’t usually start with the shadows first but with large of an image to color it seems to work best for me. Isn’t the lighting so much better than my older videos? I’m geeked about that! Finally figured it out 😀 Though figuring out the rendering of the video so it fills the frame is another matter (DH is on that lol!) Here are the colors I used…

A whole bowl of them after that pic lol The colors I used for the two reflected lights are Y21 and Y23 for the yellow and BG000 and BG01 for the blue. The darkest grey/purple portion of the shading on the skin is done with BV000, BV20 and BV23.

And here is the finished product after adding in a background via PS.

I’m going to be selling this as an art print soon in case you are interested 🙂 If you have any copic tutorial requests of something you’d like to see a vid of don’t hesitate to ask! I know I can’t think of everything but I’m excited to make more videos now lol.

  • Lydia says:

    WOW, that is sooooooooo beautifull. i can’t see witch colors you have used for the skin, do you used all the light colors? E, V and C

    Hugs Lydia

    • Kristy says:

      I used the C’s a smidge but I started off with E11, E02, E01 for the shadows then E00 and E000. Went back with BV000 and BV20 and BV23 for the darkest shading.

  • Melissa says:

    UM…WOW – this is GORGEOUS!!! I really wanted to use the word HOT but dang that Paris for ruining that word! LOL – she is awesome and I LOVED watching you color!!!

  • Trexxann says:

    What a joy and privelege it is to watch you work Kristy! What an awesome piece of artwork. Thankyou for sharing this video. 🙂

  • Mariska says:

    This is one absolutely amazing video Kristy! I have never seen anybody color like that, with the blues and the yellows and the purples and that little strip around the edges you don’t do shading on… absolutely amazing! Won’t you come to The Netherlands and give a course or two? Loved watching this!


    • Kristy says:

      Thanks Mariska! Fly me over and I would love to! 😀

  • Rene' Sharp says:

    Your coloring is OFF THE CHARTS. OMG I can’t believe the detail you put into this, and the video is perfect. WELL DONE!!!!! Super inspiring, I could dream of coloring like this 🙂

  • Danni says:

    Wow! You are amazing!

  • Kim S says:

    Holy frickin’ cow….that is aMOOzing. Seriously chickee, I am in awe, this is the gest colouring EVAH!!!

  • Earl- Leigh says:

    Gorgeous…as usual!

  • sammi says:

    wow! This is so funky!! Gorgoeus work!!

  • Kamilla says:

    WOOOOW I have a ton to learn, I just sat the whole video with my mouth open…
    You can colour like no other!!
    I´m stunned!

    Hugs //Camilla

  • Kylie says:

    Brilliant, awesome, amazing!!! I want more! I don’t care what you create I just want to see more, more, more!! Loved watching you bring this image to life. You are uberly talented.

    Hugs, xoxo

  • kimberly says:

    WOW!!! is there any other word….super dope…love love it, can you please teach me how to color?..this is amazing. thanks for sharing..you rock

  • Sarah C says:

    Love the picture and the coloring is fantastic. Wondering if you use a wine rack for your Copic marker storage since I’m still looking for a better solution for mine. Had a nice soution, but they continue to grow!

  • Corry says:


  • Elaine says:

    Wow!! Such amazing colouring Kristy, I was blown away by the detail and the ease at which you work. Stunning!!!

    Elaine xx

  • Elena says:

    OMGosh Kristyyyyyy!! You’re IN-CRE-DI-BLE!! AMAZING!! SUPER-FANTASTIC!! I don’t know where I can find words to describe how much you’re talented and I love your colouring… Please, please, please… continue to make tutorials!!


  • Leslie H. says:

    Can you teach me to use my Copics like that ???!! WOW!!

  • Katie says:

    Seriously?!? Really!?! This is incredible! I’m totally going to have to watch more than once because I’ve got to try and soak up some of your talent- simply amazing!!
    Hugs, Katie

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