New Gutter Girlz Challenge is up!

And I think this is one we can all relate to! I had fun with this one. All the drama at work was ending (now we have new drama 😛 ) and I was feeling good! Truth of who was actually doing the work came out and I felt vindicated, not that I was trying for the result just the discovery that I was doin my boss’ job FOR HER. Anyways here is my take.

The girlz have done an amazing job with this one! I hope you’ll check it out!!!
  • Leah the Orange says:

    okay, SERIOUSLY. the cloudy, hazy look is amazing. you knocked this WAY out of the ballpark, dollie! i love it.

  • Jingle says:

    This is really well crafted! Great job!

  • Diana Fisher says:

    Great page! Just love the details and how pretty you made it look!

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