Layering a Scene in Photoshop Video Tutorial

A bit ago I shared with you how to take a JPEG and turn it into a layerable PNG. From that video I had requests to show more PNG goods, so today I’m sharing the basics of layering and sizing a scene in Photoshop. You can use the full CS version for this OR Photoshop Elements. This is going to be a little precursor to next month when I share some more advanced techniques so bust out that dusty, used only for photos, Photoshop and come play with your digi stamps!

For my scene I used the digi stamps Daydream Fairy and Mushroom Garden, they compliment each other pretty well, eh?

If you enjoyed this video and want some more digital techniques do give me a shout out here in the comments or on the YouTube page for this video and let us know what you want to see! I have a plan for next month (and a couple in mind) but we love hearing your requests. 




Nerdy Tia Digi Stamp

Whoot! Its almost time for back to school! I love my kiddos but Momma needs some alone time. Today's new Some Odd Girl Digi Stamp is Nerdy Tia, she's totally ready to go back to school with her pencil and books ready.She is Tobie's counterpart from earlier in the month so if you want a geeky pair ... read more