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Holiday Wreath

I finally have a wreath that I LOVE that goes with my white tree 😀 All I had to do was make it but I wanted to do that anyway lol Michael’s this year had WHITE wreaths and garland! I’ve only been wanting that for about 10 years! We’re all coordinated now and its just […]

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Halloween… 80s Style!

Its was 80s fest here this year for Halloween apparently. My 7 year old was rockin the 80s fashion in neon, blue eyeshadow, big hair, and leg warmers. She said it was her most fav costume yet! Which is awesome because except for the black portion of the costume (target costume) the rest I pieced together and […]

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Back to School

Yesterday I got the kids (BOTH!) off to school on the bus. It was my son’s first day riding the school bus to go to all day school. The weather for an important picture day was sooo not cooperating. It was rainy and dark (gorg this morning… dang the luck!) but that didn’t dampen spirits […]


Naps all around!

Yesterday I was devastated with a fever… devastated as in brain was frying and I was in charge of the munchkin parade around here. Brain function was next to nothing yet to keep myself from falling asleep and then having the parade turn into a war zone I cleaned about everything. Weird, eh? Today all […]


Rainy days and goodbyes

The storm held off yesterday until shots rang out in salute and the drops grew steady and forlorn as taps echoed. The rain reflected the feeling of the last week and though we were all wet nothing could have been more appropriate to hide the tears than the sky’s own.  I’m glad the goodbyes and […]