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    OLW 2015

    I’ve finally chosen my OLW… my mantra… for 2015 Focus Focus on me Focus on my business Focus on my family Focus on what matters whoosah   I have some plans to get back into gear. Now that CHA is over I can start to get organized and back to work… with more focus. More to come soon  

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    Some Odd Girl is 5!

    seriously! I almost can’t believe it! Coming home from CHA I’m still kind of in whirlwind mode but it still seems crazy the 5 years ago we started this adventure with the idea of a fun lil side biz.  We are going to be doing some giveaways this week but today we are kicking off a birthday challenge in our Community. It’ll go live on the blog tomorrow but you can get the heads up and early start today. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see where SOG heads in 2015. I hear a lot that year 5 is the make or break year so fingers crossed.…

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    Long Term Goals

      If you stopped by yesterday you know that its sneaks week for Some Odd Girl’s FIRST EVER Paper Release on our blog. I’m pretty excited, proud, and completely nervous to drop this new product on you guys next week. Doing more than stamps has been a long term goal of mine since Some Odd Girl began and its been a long road to get here.  Its actually kind of funny, designing paper and patterns has been such a long term goal of mine that even though I know, for me, its an evolving skill and process I didn’t think about what the next “big goal” would be when it…

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    Summer (in)Sanity

    It’s not a big secret that running your own business is a balancing act of not only work and family but down time, “me” time, away time and everything else. We’re half way thru Summer and typically you think laid back fun and vacations when you think of Summer. Though a little less stressful than last year since there was no CHA Summer, Summer for me is the most stressful, hectic time of the year.  I am one of those people who does a ton of work when I can sit down, no distractions, and bust a move. Give me my list and time and I will check that off like…

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    Life of an Entrepreneur

    First off I got to say, feet on the desk like that isn’t as comfy as you would think, especially for long periods of editing. I’ve been working from home since November 2010 that’s almost 4 years of working in pjs, making my own schedule, deciding the course of my business and my own future. At first, and still is largely true, I was in absolute heaven. Here in Michigan when the snow is up to your tuckus and you don’t have to go out in it 5 days a week for 3-4 months that is a beautiful thing. The life of an entrepreneur and owning your own business is…

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    My Know How Book

    I have a few “behind the scenes” things that I wanted to share with you but I  thought I’d kick it off with this lil book I’ve been keeping because HEY its useful!  This is my Know How Book. Its aptly named because these are the things I really do know how to do but I do them infrequently enough that when I need to actually do them 9 times out of 10 I can’t remember how… until way later… when I’m trying to go to sleep. The book is a cheap $3 book journal from Target that I added the stickers to the front of. To set up your…

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    Its Release Day!

    Happy Clear Stamp Release day! Today at Some Odd Girl I have 2 new sets up for you, we are featuring the first set, Teacher Mae, on our blog today and the Odd Girls once again blew me away with how they rocked the set!  We just got a big box of restocks in the shop with more on the way next week too (that’s what the pic is from, it does tie in!). We won’t be having an August release as we are all squeezing a bit of summer in before school but September… oh will that be BIG! I can’t share yet, lots of details to confirm but…

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    Some Pics from CHA 2014

    Holy cripes! I’m back from almost a 2 week jaunt across the country to CHA in Anaheim. I have a few pics saved on my phone from the show, from my booth for Some Odd Girl and from my photographic shopping on the last day I’ll be sharing.  My fav part of CHA is the people. Meeting new people, getting to see friends and forging new relationships. That said this is my post of peeps  :wave: I was aisle 2400 neighbors with the girls from Freckled Fawn who were just awesome, funny, and just lots of fun! We really enjoyed all the sisterly love 🙂 They have some really fab things coming…

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    Getting Started with Digital Stamps Ebook

    Happy Monday! Today I have something for you that I’ve been working on for a while. I get a lot of emails with questions on using Digi Stamps, and while I’m always happy to help there’s more than I can add in one email. With that in mind I wrote an Ebook! I’m not a writer by any means so you do have to put up with my rambling but I’ve included 34 pages of step by step help for Digi newbies or people who might want a refresher or questions answered.  To download the free Ebook, hop over to the page at Some Odd Girl. If you appreciate or…

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    Bu-Bye Google Reader

    Ok. Not my normal post but just in case you liked following my or any blog via Google Reader and hadn’t heard, as of today it is no more. I personally fall into the camp of want to read and browse more blogs but never found a way that makes it easy for me hence makes me do it more you know what I mean. so with the hubbub of the death of Google Reader a slew of new Readers have come into their own.  I like new options 😀 I was using a RSS reader app, BeyondPod, before now mostly bc it also got my podcast for me but…