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OLW 2015

I’ve finally chosen my OLW… my mantra… for 2015 Focus Focus on me Focus on my business Focus on my family Focus on what matters whoosah   I have some plans to get back into gear. Now that CHA is over I can start to get organized and back to work… with more focus. More […]

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Summer (in)Sanity

It’s not a big secret that running your own business is a balancing act of not only work and family but down time, “me” time, away time and everything else. We’re half way thru Summer and typically you think laid back fun and vacations when you think of Summer. Though a little less stressful than […]

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Life of an Entrepreneur

First off I got to say, feet on the desk like that isn’t as comfy as you would think, especially for long periods of editing. I’ve been working from home since November 2010 that’s almost 4 years of working in pjs, making my own schedule, deciding the course of my business and my own future. […]


Its Release Day!

Happy Clear Stamp Release day! Today at Some Odd Girl I have 2 new sets up for you, we are featuring the first set, Teacher Mae, on our blog today and the Odd Girls once again blew me away with how they rocked the set!  We just got a big box of restocks in the […]


Some Pics from CHA 2014

Holy cripes! I’m back from almost a 2 week jaunt across the country to CHA in Anaheim. I have a few pics saved on my phone from the show, from my booth for Some Odd Girl and from my photographic shopping on the last day I’ll be sharing.  My fav part of CHA is the […]


Bu-Bye Google Reader

Ok. Not my normal post but just in case you liked following my or any blog via Google Reader and hadn’t heard, as of today it is no more. I personally fall into the camp of want to read and browse more blogs but never found a way that makes it easy for me hence […]