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    Last fair of the year

    Since my camera finally made its way indoors, I have pics of my last craft fair of the year to share 🙂 The gingerbread men gift card holders were pretty popular 🙂 I’ve got a couple other pics to show you of other things from the fair. I heard a story from another vendor about a lady selling TOILET PAPER for $2/roll at their last show with a “cute” saying on them and the lady had cleared thru over 50 rolls! I was incredulous! No way that happened! I mentioned it to another vendor and she showed me this… This lady was selling them too! We got this sneaky pic…

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    is usually Monday Inspiration but today I’m a bit under the weather and TIRED from the weekend. Hard workin! LOL! So I thought I’d show some tweaks I was “inspired” to make to my booth for this past weekend’s fair. I have one more before christmas so ALL HANDS ON DECK YO! I found these fabby yarn mats (hot pads???) at a second hand store for 69 cents each! I am in love with them!  They are uber thick and in the perfect cheery colors. I had to have them, didn’t know what I was going to DO with them but that’s besides the point lol. The shutters need a…

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    SOG Thursday – Getting ready for the fair again!

    I’m purty much spending today and tomorrow getting ready, again, for this weekends craft fair. I still have a few things I’d like to do that may or may not get done, I’m a realist if nothing else LOL I want to do some “upgrading” of my signage and make the table display a lil more fun. This go’s booth is an odd 15x6ft size so we’ll see what I’ve got for space. Since I don’t have a card to share today bc of my preps I thought I’d show pics from 2 weeks ago’s fair that I never got to 🙂 Thanks for stoppin by!

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    Work Wednesday – Cards

    This saturday is my next craft fair so as you can imagine I am gearing up! So for my work wednesday today I’m going to share some of the cards I’ve made in the last couple days 🙂 and a new thing for me that is actually soothing when you sit late and watch some TV. I made these yoyo hair flowers myself! HA! This is 4 out of the batch that I’m finishing up (can you believe HL had houndstooth FELT?? me either! SWOON!) putting the backs on but I can see some more dally time with my needle and thread in the future! The problem with these is…

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    Monday Inspiration – Simple Notecards

    At my crafty fair the biggest request I had was for a pack of simple notecards. I’ve been designing some, (I have an idea! lol) but I was taking a look around Etsy to see what others had done for some inspiration and here’s what I came up with… by twohappystampers by PaperAvenue by DivineAppointment by Allibell by Matdi123 What’s inspiring you today?

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    Crafty Fair Weekend

    I had my first craft fair this weekend. I think I got myself overly worked up and probably annoyed alot of people close to me with my excessive thinking and such but it all worked out in the end. It was a very slow show, according to the vendors I talked to. There was foot traffic but no one was really buying. It might have been due to the carnival going on right outside though. I luvs me a good elephant ear! Or 2 🙂 I made back my booth fee but I think the best part of this is I made a couple connections and leads on other shows.…

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    a day late but not a DOLLar short – Dollie Friday on Saturday

    I was sooooo busy getting the crafty fair booth together for today the I totally ran out of time for my Dollies Friday post! WELL let’s remedy that right now! There is still plenty of time for you to get in on the Trifecta for the week or even more time to just rock this weeks sketch We had an even amount of cards and LOs chillin in the Doll house for sketch day that I’m SURE you’ll be able to rawk one or the other! My card is made with the Golly by Jolly line by Cosmo Cricket, sentiment by Paper Trey Ink, jewels from my I-Rock and the…

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    Monday Inspiration

    Well seein as all I did this weekend is booth shopping I can’t think of better Inspiration than some booth pics! Someone directed me to flickr to look for piccys and JACKPOT baby! My first piccy actually comes from Andrea from SNR who was so nice and showed me pics from her booth set up last year 🙂 more pics of her set up on her blog. Finding these were so helpful! Thank you to everyone who’s helped me out with this! (booths above are copyrighted to their owners)

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    Antique Fair

    Well I went, I saw, I kicked the antique fairs BUTT. I came back with some good beginnings for my crafty booth I think, bones are in place! I’ve got to show you guys some of the odd things I found at the fair. First off to get into our local antique fair you have to go to the fair grounds and pass under this Hey chicken, hows it hangin? That sucker is like 8 ft or more tall, I’ve never measured LOL. Well after we went thru the great chicken gate we got to shoppin! Here’s some things for ya… There was this whole crazy row of cast iron…