Fairy House

There are so many cute houses for fairies out there that I just had to make my own. I had the idea to create a fairy house (town?) on the side of a tree using the types of mushrooms you see growing there.    I drew this on my Samsung tablet and I honestly don’t […]


March Patreon Goodies

  This past month had been a loooow month of creativity and mojo for me, until a few days ago really. In those couple days I busted out the 2 exclusive line arts that are available for patrons, Pulling Strings and Nature.     Both of these pieces were drawn on Samsung tablet. I’m really […]

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Faded, a new art print

My latest art print, Faded, was an interesting process and didn’t end up as I expected it to.       When I drew the line art, I knew that I wanted to do a very dramatic lighting with this piece, her sultry expression demanded it.    On my other pieces I started out with […]


January Patreon Goodies!

Happy New Year! I’m excited for 2016, it might be pretty clique but a new year always seems like a clear slate and new possibilities. Today I get to send out the goodies for my lovely patrons on Patreon. They will be getting (as soon as the manager quits 504-ing on me) the line art for […]