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    Artsy Friday: Friendship

    Its Artsy Friday: Friendship edition. Summer vacation for the kiddos started Tuesday so I’m hoping they look just as happy by September as Tia and Tobie do here. I will be in the fetal position in the corner with my wine… jk. Mostly. Maybe I can use my mental powers to project this on to my kids and in the process save my sanity. heh.  Its been a really looooong week where it feels like I’ve been making little headway due to some site issues that take up WAY more time then they should so getting to sketch a cute Friendship digi was a welcome change up.  I’ll see you next week!…

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    Artsy Friday: Throwback Sketch using Copic Markers

    One of the things I found when I moved my office was an empty (but giant) sketch pad that I put a lot of my older pieces into. I remember doing this piece while watching TV a couple years ago, it’s a sketch using Copic Markers over pencil. In my mind she was balancing on a log, hence the pose, but I never did draw the log lol.  The addition of copic markers was added mostly as an after thought. You’re much better off adding the pencil in your art after the markers but that doesn’t always work out when you go at it without a plan. 🙂 If you’ve done a…

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    Artsy Friday: what a Knight

    This is a lil snippet of an upcoming image I did this week. It was a fun request from Suzanne that I can’t believe I hadn’t done already lol.  I’ve been really crackin on getting images done and sets prepared esp with Summer coming and the kids being home. That’s alway crazy mommy time.  I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Remember the true spirit of the holiday, honor and remember your heroes.  

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    Artsy Friday: Fun Portrait

    Happy Friday everyone!!! This is a lil sketch and ink job of the same piece I worked on earlier this week. I’m attempting to get ahead on some images so I can delve in to other things and this one happened. Not sure where from but it was fun. I have more time scheduled with my pencil and paper today but later this afternoon FedEx, and I feel bad for this delivery guy, will be dropping off 3 IKEA cabinets for me for my office that we’ve moved. It was cheaper to have them delivered then to drive to the nearest IKEA… not as much fun, but cheaper. If they…

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    Artsy Friday: Calligraphy Style

    I took a semester of calligraphy in high school, I started doing it in elementary as a reward for getting my work done in class, I’m the person who practiced my Ds because I didn’t like how I was writing them until they got better, yet the idea of actually doing calligraphy now is for some reason really intimidating. Jason and I are planning big this year and working on pulling those big ideas off. I’ve never been somebody who’s confident in my skills, and still are very “shy,” for lack of a better term, about showing off or standing tall about what I do. So I’m trying to live…

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    Artsy (belated) Friday: Hands

    I don’t have anything super awesome for you guys this week. I’ve been having a bit soreness in my right hand, wrist, and forearm for the last few weeks so I’ve been trying to mix up my routine a little bit, not stay doing 1 repetitive thing too long, and giving it a bit of extra rest too. I’m going to be trying out these lovely things, work the muscles and build up some extra strength in my hands and wrist so they’re not as sore. About a week ago Mr Some Odd Girl showed me an article on a comic website that was artists and industry people talking about…

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    Artsy Friday: Slow Week

    This week I haven’t gotten the chance to be to artsy. I have spent a lot of time getting all my ducks in a row for the term starting at Some Odd Girl next week Tuesday. You wouldn’t believe how many little things that need to fall in place to make that run smooth! But once its all setup it’s a pretty much a breeze so there’s that to look forward to. I did get get a little time to sit down and color this week, mostly before bed while Mr. Some Odd Girl and I watched some TV. I played around with my Chameleon Markers and worked on getting…

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    Artsy Friday: Grandma’s Garden

    Spring is finally springing here in Michigan and I’m working on digital stamps for April, & I drew this one up and its called grandma’s garden. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but this image really reminds me of my own grandmother. She used to keep these huge expansive gardens that my grandfather would help her tend but they were basically her creations. I could just go sit in them and watch her work or just see the gorgeous flowers anytime I went to her house… though I didn’t get to see her nearly as much as I would have liked. I really hope when I have…