Fairy House

There are so many cute houses for fairies out there that I just had to make my own. I had the idea to create a fairy house (town?) on the side of a tree using the types of mushrooms you see growing there. 


I drew this on my Samsung tablet and I honestly don’t think it would have come together without the ability to zoom in and out to get all those little details. Paper can only take so much of a beating before you just can’t take it any further. Poor abused paper.


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Starting off by sketching in the tree bark, which is the light rusty red color; then a hot pink to put the mushrooms on the tree; lastly an orchid color for those little details. 


Using the tablet gives you the added benefit of using different layers for the different things, each of the colors were on their own layer, that way I could erase without worrying I was really derpin things up. Digital piece of mind, yo. 


When it was all finished up, my biggest happy moment was seeing that the bark, looked bark-y. Mr gave me reassurance during the sketch stage but you never know until its all “inked”. 


Do you like it? Is there any other cute scenes you’d like to see? I have a couple ideas but I’m always amazed at the good ones you guys have up your sleeve! I also had a request for a Digital Doodling tut and I’ll be getting on that now that I have an app that suits. I was also thinking of some basic drawing tutorials, anyone up for those? Let me know!


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  • wienerhoneymooners says:

    AMAZING!!!! LOVE seeing the stages dissolve and reappear before my very eyes!!!! This is so cool! Can’t way to see this evolve!!!!

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