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3 Great Coloring Journals to Inspire You

Hey everyone! Next week in the Some Odd Girl Community on Facebook we are going to be kicking off a monthly Coloring Journal project. We had talked in the group about how fun it would be so dang it, let’s do it! We’ll have all the details next week Wednesday but I thought to give you the heads up with 3 great examples so you can be ready to go. I’ve gathered my bits for my journal, which I’ll be sharing next week when its put together.

These 3 are different takes on a Coloring Journal, they all use Copics but you obviously don’t have to.

Debbie Olson


Debbie taught all the Copic classes I’ve taken and I got to see her lovely journals in person. I really love her clean style and how she has tabs to sort her sections by color. Hop over to her blog to see more about the entire book and her fabulous coloring.


Sammie at Mad for Markers


Sammie’s journal not only documents the colors its an art! She keeps a smash style journal that’s a lot of fun. It also shows that any book you like can be your Color Journal. I like how she notes the images and has color swatches for what she used as well as any other notes about the colors. Definitely go and see more about her book too!




Last up is a book I found on Pinterest by Alshandra. Her book, if you check out her post that has more on the details, is more “journal” style in that she makes observations that she notes about colors and combos as well as keeps the blended swatches and notes color combos she sees to use later. She keeps a ton of good info in there and really packs it in.


I hope these 3 examples get you ready for our Color Swatch project starting on March 4! If you are making your own journal for the first time here’s one last tip…

Make sure to use the same paper you would when coloring to do your samples. That way you get the true experience of that combination and know how it will turn out in the future.

Alright! I look forward to seeing you then!



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