Summer (in)Sanity


It’s not a big secret that running your own business is a balancing act of not only work and family but down time, “me” time, away time and everything else.

We’re half way thru Summer and typically you think laid back fun and vacations when you think of Summer. Though a little less stressful than last year since there was no CHA Summer, Summer for me is the most stressful, hectic time of the year. 

I am one of those people who does a ton of work when I can sit down, no distractions, and bust a move. Give me my list and time and I will check that off like nobody’s business!

Its like having a flow. 

During the summer time my flow is completely upended with the addition of two tiny lunatics. They really are good (most of the time! don’t get me started on the other part of time) but for someone who the quiet is such an important component to making their to-do list to-DONE… well I’m lucky to have hair and sanity by September. 

During the school year I do all of the things that need that sort of single-minded attention before 3pm when the bus brings them home. It’s a schedule that works pretty dang well for us. Summer is quite the monkey wrench.

It’s also the time of year when the planning stages of big things need to get knocked out: CHA, that’s an amazingly short way of saying the most work of the year; the holiday releases and planning; scheduling a ton of blog/dt stuff; and so much more that my brain exploded.

Its crazy, it makes my brain hurt, I take a TON of Excedrin Tension Headache, but its pretty much the best job ever.

They aren’t the ones who make the summer crazy. They make it fun, I need to adjust how I do my job to enjoy the fun with them more. Being a Mom and a business owner… there’s nothing 9-5 about it, both jobs are 24/7 but that’s no reason they can’t both co-exist.

I haven’t found that balance but I guess seeing the need for it is the first step on fixing it. 


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