Artsy (belated) Friday: Hands


I don’t have anything super awesome for you guys this week. I’ve been having a bit soreness in my right hand, wrist, and forearm for the last few weeks so I’ve been trying to mix up my routine a little bit, not stay doing 1 repetitive thing too long, and giving it a bit of extra rest too.

I’m going to be trying out these lovely things, work the muscles and build up some extra strength in my hands and wrist so they’re not as sore.

About a week ago Mr Some Odd Girl showed me an article on a comic website that was artists and industry people talking about making sure to take care of your hands and to realize that when they hurt there’s a reason for it, and not to ignore it. So after I had been complaining for a few weeks now about being sore, that article was kind of a wake up call to do something about it. Not just to take ibuprofen. My hands are my livelihood, I had better treat them well.

I’ll see you next week!

  • JudyBags says:

    Maybe you need to stretch and exercise them a bit before you start drawing and coloring. Hopefully those will help. They are fun colors at least. 😉

    • Kristy says:

      I think you’re right Judy. I’m definitely going to be doing it from now on.

  • Charity Chamberlain says:

    It’s wonderful that you acknowledged the issue and are doing something about it now because there are truly some serious consequences by not taking care of your hands. My mom is proof of why not to ignore the signs. She ignored the signs her hands were giving and she just had surgery 2 weeks ago on both hands which unfortunately did not work since she didn’t listen to all the signals and symptoms her hands were giving. So I am so glad you are taking care of yourself!! 

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