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Artsy Friday: loads of sketches


Happy Friday everyone!

This week I’ve been making a really big push on getting a lot of images stockpiled for either the coming couple months of Digital releases or for upcoming clear stamp releases. I’ve been going with kind of a spring summer outdoorsy theme.

I really gotten back in the groove after being sick for almost a week and then not being able to draw for another.  That’s always really tough!

I really want to get images ready so I can start working on some other things, like more cut files, as well as a big project for some odd girl that’ll be coming out later in the year if all goes well. I need time to dedicate to that so getting these ready is pretty important.

This is the time I wish there was two of me lol! Maybe one day I’ll have my own assistant to do all the things that keep me from just drawing and coloring and designing all day long.

Anyone want to volunteer for that?

I’ll see you guys next week!


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