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The Return of the Wednesday Live Color Along


I hope you have been looking forward to summer ending, the kids going back to school and our Live Color Along dates starting back up, I know I have!

Everyone is finally settled in around here so I can get back to coloring with you Live on Ustream each Wednesday.

If you’re new to these, I color Live Wednesdays at 1pm EDT or 8pm EDT  every week, I switch back and forth on the times so everyone has a chance to join in Live. During the Color Along you can chat with me and ask any questions that you may have. I will usually post a schedule for the entire month ahead so you know what’s coming so you can prepared to color right along with me. 

All o’dat said, we need to make the schedule for October and I’d LOVE your input! 

What images would you like to see colored?

What coloring topics would you like to see covered? 

Any specific coloring issues you have you’d like me to answer?

Leave me all your suggestions in the comments below! 

Next Wednesday I’ll have the schedule and our first date will be a lunch date, 1pm on Oct 2. 



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