Bu-Bye Google Reader


Ok. Not my normal post but just in case you liked following my or any blog via Google Reader and hadn’t heard, as of today it is no more. I personally fall into the camp of want to read and browse more blogs but never found a way that makes it easy for me hence makes me do it more

you know what I mean.

so with the hubbub of the death of Google Reader a slew of new Readers have come into their own. 

I like new options 😀

I was using a RSS reader app, BeyondPod, before now mostly bc it also got my podcast for me but while its great for that its not great for the visual world of blogs. 

so the search was on


here is a few good choices I’ve run across…

if you read generally on your computer and sometimes your phone or tablet, Feedly or BlogLovin would work great for you. I hear the mobile apps are still a little glitchy but they can only get better. With the Feedly Chrome extension its really easy to add to your subscription list right from your browser and have it sync to the app. Gotta love that! Digg apparently also has a new reader. I haven’t seen much but it reminds me a lot of Feedly in looks. It also has an app but I haven’t seen that at all.

Feedburner is still a great option if you like getting yours via Email! (subscribe to mine in my sidebar btw)

An option that is all mobile that I found today, and is personally leading the pack for me, is Flipboard. You can import your Google Reader list on it too (not sure that will work tomorrow) but I really like the large picture browsing, you can see it on my phone and tablet in the pic above. You can add other things to it too like Social Media, News and other options they have though I’m using it as an RSS reader mostly. Also, at least with Blogger blogs, you can comment directly thru the app which was a surprise! You can also send posts to a couple different Offline Readers, like Pocket, for on the go no wifi/data reading. Another perk.

There are a ton of other mobile apps too if you search for RSS feed reader.


Get the RSS Feed

For a lot of these apps/sites you’ll need to know or know where to get the RSS feed to subscribe to your blogs. They’re actually usually pretty easy to find if you know where to look!

Blogger: scroll down to the bottom of just about any blogger blog and find the “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link. That link is the RSS feed for that blog. It will look something like this, from Paper Issues

Other blogs: Look for the RSS symbol



its orange a lot but that’s always the symbol (mine is grey, at the very top next to my blog banner). The link attached to that is usually the RSS feed for that site/blog. For example, my RSS is http://www.theoddgirl.com/feed. They aren’t all the same but it should be similar. 

With that RSS Feed link you have a HUGE variety of ways to read and stay up to date on your favorite blogs, if its on your computer at home or on the go. So don’t let the death of Google Reader make you read less blogs, let all the new choices help you read more blogs and leave more comments. We all love comment love  :love:


What are you using now a days? Any you’ve tried and discarded? Any favs?


  • Michelle says:

    Right now I get emails from blogloving and I use Feedly when I remember to go to their app. I realized I never used google reader. I’ve found myself leaving more comments now I get a single email with all the latest blog posts but for some reason the keyboard on my iTouch freezes if I make more than two spelling errors I have to correct- wired right? I follow you via email but would prefer to add you to blogloving if I can evade I tend to mass delete emails- hmmm no freezing here- must be a bug in the bloglovin email- I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Michelle says:

    Uhm wow- total spelling break down. 🙂 I like have more options too- I think many of my readers follow via twitter or Facebook now since the best read posts are usually the ones that post on times there is lots of traffic in those other websites.

    • Kristy says:

      I have a bloglovin link in my sidebar too 🙂 I didn’t know they could do email! I already get a crap ton so I like my browsing app right now, but that is #2.

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