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Photo Kaylee


How could I possibly resist using this paper with this stamp? 

Soooooo perfect! 

Photo Kaylee was like PLEASE I need to be on this paper! And I was all like dang straight you do!  XD 

The paper is from Maggie Holmes and I’m glad I got plenty to tide me over lol. 


If you can tell, I’m not quite with it today… yes, some days I am! C’mon now! That’s not nice! I went out Sunday with hubs to get more booth stuff. I’m building a collapsible side table (maybe 2 if the idea is sound) of my own devising. We’ll see how that turns out  😐 DH is off tomorrow and we’ll be building. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Not all my ideas are sound or epic. 

What were you up to this weekend?


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